Other Payments

SteroidsDelivery.com accept as payment method also:
The Paypal, Paysend, Revolut, Skrill payment methods are usually accepted from customers who have previously ordered from us, or from new customers but on a case-by-case basis. If we have any doubts we can refuse these payment methods. All details are discussed with the administrator.
Payment by Paypal
Because Paypal don’t accept payments for pharma products we are forced to find new ways for our customers. And because of this, that who place orders on our site and want to proceed payment with Paypal should know next things: We only accept Paypal payments for orders over 120 (USD/EUR/GBP).
One of the conditions for accepting payment with Paypal is placing the order from an account registered and approved on our site. As a guest you cannot claim payment with paypal.
We don’t have a redirect page to the paypal site for payment process. We send paypal details for payment via email.
We use only personal Paypal accounts.
Paypal transfer should be non commercial. This is mean that no need to request track number confirmation on Paypal or to indicate any other details like order id or shipping details. These things denote that fakt from the beginning that the transaction is one commercial. All details about order, including the track number, we send to email, NOT IN PAYPAL TRANSFER DETAILS.
If your order is correct please confirm and send your Paypal email. We will make a request to your Paypal account.
No other details should be indicated in this transaction.
If for certain reasons you process a transaction as a commercial one we make refund and no longer accept payments from this paypal account never.
To avoid creating unpleasant situations, please read carefully the rules for paypal payment on our site. In case you don’t agree, you can change the payment method from the beginning or at your wish we can cancel the placed order on our site.
How to send money with paypal to a friend or to a family member may find here.